Jean Knoedgen

P1370599a 500 pxl

1a. Id number: P1370599a; 1b. Site location: old stock ; 2a. Bowl type: Figural ; 2b. decoration left/right: Jacob with text ‘DE KLEINE JACOB”; 2c. Spur mark left / right: -/-; 2d. (Heel)mark: JK in circle; 2e.: Not burnished: No; painted in red, green, white and black; 2f. Bowl opening: Not bottered; 2g. Milling on top of the bowl: No ; 2h. Other bowl characteristics: – ; 3a. Stem decoration: 41; 3b. Stem burnished: -; 3c. Other stem characteristics:  -; 4. Dating: 1950-1960 ; 5. Provenance: Belgium, Bree; 6. Probably maker: Jean-Jacques or Jan-Jacob Knoedgen; 7. References: [DUC_1977b_p. 39].


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